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This  winter. We are seeking heavy equipment operators/CDL drivers for on-call snow removal during winter 2015-16.  Must have valid driver’s license and be able to pass a background check and drug test.   Positions available at multiple airports/locations throughout metropolitan NY/NJ, Boston, Baltimore, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver and Philadelphia. 
If you have previous snow removal experience and/or skills with payloaders, bobcats, bulldozers, dump trucks, 4x4’s with plows or other heavy equipment. PLEASE CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW & COMPLETE THE BRIEF CONTACT FORM WITH YOUR CHOICE OF LOCATIONS, SO WE MAY CONTACT YOU ABOUT OUR OPORTUNITIES.

Or, you can call us at 516-467-5103 or 516-467-5109 or 516-944-3100. 

Aero Snow Removal is one of the largest and most technologically advanced snow removal companies in the world operating in 7 states and at 9 of the nation’s largest airports.  Aero Snow Removal is an affiliate of Dejana Industries, Inc., a privately owned “family” of companies in continuous business since 1962 providing a broad array of outdoor services including snow removal, equipment leasing/sales, street sweeping, solid waste collection/disposal and catch basin cleaning.
Dejana Industries services both municipal and commercial customers including cities, towns, villages seaports and sports complex and shopping centers in a variety of locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic, New England, Midwest, and as far west as Denver, Colorado.  Dejana Industries, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.