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Dejana Industries has various types of equipment available for rental in order to meet the short-term needs of both the private and public sectors.

We have a wide array of equipment and could not list all the available units. Give us a call, however -we may have the equipment you need or we may be able to locate it for you.


There are many benefits to both short and long term leasing. Dejana can provide financing for yard equipment or push equipment and can lease it to you to fulfill your needs.

Operational Leasing

Operating leases are generally short-term arrangements that allow contractors and municipalities to acquire equipment for a fraction of the asset’s useful life.

Financing leases are longer-term arrangements that enable contractors and municipalities to acquire equipment by making steady payments over a period of time.


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Give us a call at 516-944-3100 and we will be happy to talk about your needs.



The Dejana Family of Companies uses several different makes and models of mechanical sweepers in servicing their client’s needs. Despite advancements in street sweeping technology the mechanical broom type sweeper accounts for approximately 90% of all street sweepers used in the United States today.
 Regenerative Air
Regenerative Air Sweepers do an amazing job of road and parking lot sweeping, leaving your paved surfaces “squeaky” clean. Rental or lease options are available, as is full service provided by Dejana.
“Going Green” - Highly environmental friendly waterless sweepers offer high-efficiency dust removal and also help to conserve water which is a great concern in many areas of the country.

 Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum Trucks are a priority for most municipalities and large sites that require storm drain and catch basin cleaning. We have trucks for rent or lease that can meet your needs or you can call us to request an estimate for the provision of full service by Dejana. We would be happy to visit your location to provide an estimate.


Late model body, all brands from 1/4 c.y. to 8 c.y., 4 in 1 buckets, etc. Very competitive rates. Call for a full list of our construction equipment and let us give you a quote for short- term rentals or lease programs.


Rear-Load Garbage Trucks – Compressed Natural Gas (CNG ) vehicles are available for rental or lease.

 Plow Trucks

Dejana has a variety of plow trucks available for daily or weekly rental or seasonal leasing.


Dejana has a variety of material spreader vehicles available for daily or weekly rental or seasonal leasing.


Aero Snow Removal has long been the industry leader in providing snow melter services to America’s airports, to municipalities and to the private sector. Our use of both conventional and proprietary melter technology and design enables us to offer the most productive and efficient snow melters available today.
Aero’s “150 tons per hour self-contained” snow melter was specifically designed for roof-top operations. It has a low profile to gain access to the top of multi-level garages. Its’ light weight aluminum construction is a benefit in complying with weight restrictions. It also has expandable sides in order to load with a full size pay loader bucket from both sides of the melter including the back.
Let us give you a quote. Training and support provided.
We also have trailer mounted “60 ton per hour” units that can be easily moved with a truck or pay-loader.
The “350 ton per hour” melter is mounted on a 45’ chassis, can moved by a tractor and is designed to travel at highway speeds. This model is ideal for Stadium parking lots and large corporate lots where parking spaces are always at a a premium.
For the really big jobs, our largest unit is the “600 ton per hour” melter, which is mainly used at Airports. It is trailer mounted, can be moved using a standard tractor, and can travel at highway speeds.
As you can see, we offer a wide range of snow melters to meet your needs. We offer rental and lease programs along with full service for after storm (“2nd Day” ) service. Give us a call so we can set up a program that is based on your needs.

 Support and Safety

Call us at 516-944-3100!! And we will find the vehicle to meet YOUR needs!!!